Analysis Term Paper

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An analysis term paper presents a body of information and offers an interpretation thereof. The goal of an analysis term paper is to convince the reader to interpret the information in a specific way, but its emphasis is on evidence-based interpretation rather than strong rhetoric. Therefore, this type of paper suits scientific term papers very well, although one may use it effectively in many different disciplines.

Students who wish to write good analysis term papers should focus primarily on obtaining excellent information. If the student is writing an analysis of the results of primary research, such as information obtained through running a laboratory experiment or conducting a survey, the first order of business is to organize that information into coherent readings. This organization may involve, for example, making graphs and charts, writing lab reports, or taking photographs of parts of the research process. Although not all of this organizational paper will be useful in the paper, the student may relegate some of the particularly compelling parts to term paper appendices if necessary.

Second, students who are writing analysis term papers should draw conclusions from the material they have gathered. They should not attempt to support any conclusions that the reader cannot reconstruct from the information that the term paper presents, unless the writer can legitimately assume that the readers will already know some background information. For example, the student who is writing an analysis term paper of physics lab reports probably will not need to explain Bernoulli’s principle, because most readers of physics material are familiar with it, but he or she will certainly need to include all components of the lab experiment, including methodology and equipment.

Analysis term papers need not overtly present a persuasive argument to the reader. Instead, they may simply state the conclusion to which the evidence points. For example, whereas a term paper on the ethics of abortion will present a highly persuasive argument that seeks to sway the reader, a term paper on the results of a survey will state the survey’s results and the conclusion to which the survey possibly points.