Example of Term Paper

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An instructor will frequently distribute copies of an example of term paper elements in order to teach students how to write those elements well. Students who receive such examples of term papers should take care to pay attention to the details contained therein, because term papers stand or fall on the accuracy of their details.

The instructor is quite likely to provide an example of term paper research citations, because the citation of research sources is the most complex technical element of a term paper. The student should carefully note which identifying information the citation contains, such as the author’s name, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, and the copyright date, and he or she should also carefully note the sequencing of such information. As arcane as some of these details may seem to the student, they are all very important: the instructor grades the accuracy of research citations scrupulously, because they provide an objective measure of the term paper’s success.

Instructors also often hand out examples of term paper thesis statements in order to show students how to write them well. Good thesis statements do not say, “I think that this book was good”; instead, they say, “The symbolism found in Herman Melville’s masterpiece Moby Dick rises to a crescendo in Captain Ahab’s death scene, which incorporates [symbol A], [symbol B], and [symbol C], each of whose growth one may trace throughout the novel.” The key difference between the former sentence and the latter is that the latter introduces the term paper’s argument.

Examples of term papers may teach other elements of the process as well, including how to use sources appropriately within one’s paper, how to create a strong argument, and how to write catchy introductions and conclusions. The student should pay close attention to all the examples an instructor provides, because they offer a window into the instructor’s wishes for the term paper project and consequently his or her rubric for grading.

How to Find Example Term Paper

Students may find such example term papers through many different academic resources, including the instructor of the course, the university library, and online academic writing services.

Students who want to use example term papers most effectively should first identify the areas in which they are struggling. For instance, one may experience confusion and frustration over the exact sequence and format of information in a bibliographic entry, or one may want broader help with developing a thesis statement or building a strong argument. After having identified their weak areas, students should then try to formulate their best guesses for how to handle those term paper components. In this way, they will become fully prepared to compare their guesses against the example term papers, and they will successfully learn those troubling term paper components through inductive reasoning.

In order to use an example term paper to learn how to manage a certain term paper part, the student should dissect the example paper’s approach to that part. For instance, the student who is learning how to write a thesis statement should look at several example term papers and should take notes on how their statements begin, such as whether they begin with a dependent clause; how many clauses they contain in total; and whether each thesis statement mentions all the points that occur in the paper. Similarly, students may study a few example paragraphs to learn how to incorporate research sources well; they may divide each paragraph into its main ideas and its supporting evidence and view the transitions between each sentence.

Students who do not make notes about what they wish to learn from an example term paper may still benefit in an ambiguous way from reading the paper, but students who take the time to prepare adequately and to define their own academic needs beforehand will benefit very highly from the inductive education that an example term paper can provide.