Law Term Paper

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The purpose of writing a law term paper is to educate oneself on the law and to exercise one’s knowledge thereof. A law term paper falls into one of several categories: an informative exposition of a landmark case, a research project on a certain type of law, or the application of a type of law to a given case.

Law term papers that cover landmark cases are the most accessible to the beginning student. If one wishes to discuss a particular case, one begins research by performing a simple search in the research databases to which the university department subscribes.

This simple search will produce several articles that summarize the various components of the case, including the legal issue, the parties involved, the laws that applied to the case, and the defenses that the lawyers used. One may proceed to more in-depth research after coming to an understanding of the basics of the case.

Before one finishes research, one should research the relevant laws and the types of defenses that the lawyers made, being sure to cite the law itself in the term paper and not merely to rely on the writers of journal articles to discuss the law accurately.

Students who have already had several law classes may benefit from writing law term papers on an area of law that interests them.

The student will have to exercise caution, however, not to stray too far from the original goal of the paper by choosing an unmanageably large topic; rather, in the idea stage of the project, the student should identify the topic and the goal of the term paper, and he or she should adhere to that topic in the research process, avoiding irrelevant material.

The last type of law term paper is the most creative of the three categories. The instructor will provide some specific details that compose a hypothetical case, and the student will research the laws that seem relevant to the case and will write a term paper on how he or she would defend the case in court.