Management Term Paper

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Students write management term papers for their classes in management studies or for their classes in other fields to which they would like to apply the practice of management. Management term papers usually deal with theories, strategies, or the application of management tactics to certain fields.

The student who is writing a management term paper should first determine how the term paper fits into the course, and that determination will then help the student choose a topic. The student should figure out whether the course deals largely with the discipline of management itself or whether it focuses more heavily on a different discipline, only referring to management when it is convenient within the topic. For example, one student may write a management term paper on business strategies for a class in non-profit management, whereas another student may write a management term paper on the business aspects of a non-profit organization for a class in ethics. The papers from these example topics may cover very similar subjects, but they will approach the project differently; in the first, the student must primarily discuss management, while in the second, the student must primarily discuss ethics and relate that discussion to the practice of management.

After selecting a topic, one should then perform thorough research on it. If the management term paper deals with more than one discipline, such as management as related to the health care profession, some research sources should deal with health care management, some with management alone, and some with health care alone. By performing research with a broad base, then, one should be able to draw one's own conclusions about the subject effectively and authoritatively, having considered all dimensions of the subject. Students may also consider conducting primary research that will bolster their management term papers, such as interviewing managers in the target field and asking for their opinions about methods that work and methods that do not work.