Religion Term Paper

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A religion term paper discusses a certain aspect of the beliefs of a particular religion, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or many other religions, or it may compare the beliefs of two or more religions on a particular topic, such as sin, death, or eschatology.

Students may write religion term papers in several different ways. For example, they may write them from a historical perspective, examining the history behind a religion or the history that has evolved from a particular religion (such as a term paper on the beliefs that motivated the Crusades); from a theological perspective, examining doctrines of deity within a certain religion; from an anthropological perspective, examining the way a group of people acts because of their religious beliefs; or any of a number of other perspectives.





One who is writing a religion term paper, then, has a few initial decisions to make before progressing to an actual topic selection. First, one should determine what religion or religions the paper will discuss. Second, one should determine which perspective of religion the paper will take, as in the examples mentioned above. The scope of the course may largely define the perspective of a religion term paper; for example, the course may study the history of Islam, in which case the term paper would probably also discuss that history.

Once one has determined these two points, one may then select a bona fide topic. This topic should be as specific and narrow as possible and should fall within the range of the aforementioned two points. For example, one who is writing a religion term paper on anthropological concerns of Christianity may choose to discuss the way Christians in Papua New Guinea have integrated Christianity with their culture, highlighting the cultural elements that the Christians have altered in order to uphold their beliefs.

Religion term papers can become very complicated very quickly. Therefore, the student who wishes to write a good religion term paper should choose as tiny a topic as possible, because then he or she may write about it adequately within the allowed term paper length.