Shakespeare Term Paper

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A Shakespeare term paper would make a good project for a literature course, particularly a course in British literature. Because Shakespeare had such a profound influence on the English language and on literary history, Shakespeare term papers can discuss a wide variety of topics, and the student should be careful to narrow the chosen topic sufficiently. One may choose to write a Shakespeare term paper on a certain play’s use of language or the words that Shakespeare coined within that play. Shakespeare is famous for his original turns of phrase, some of which have entered mainstream English diction. A Shakespeare term paper that discusses language may cover, for example, the etymological roots of those original words and phrases, their cumulative effect within the play, or how and why they entered common English use.

One may also choose to examine the content of a Shakespeare play from the perspective of a literary critical method. For example, a student may choose to interpret Hamlet from a feminist or postmodern perspective. This type of paper is often highly creative.

Shakespeare plays also often take place in a historical setting; therefore, Shakespeare term papers may deal with the relationship between the play and the actual historical event. For example, one may discuss the assassination of Julius Caesar both in history and in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, comparing and contrasting the details.

Finally, because Shakespeare has made such a mark on many areas of literature since his time, one may write a term paper on the way his ideas, words, or motifs appear in other works of literature, comparing and contrasting his original ideas with the works that others have written based on his material. For example, William Faulkner used a Shakespearean phrase in his title The Sound and the Fury; an interesting Shakespeare term paper might discuss why that phrase is relevant to Faulkner’s novel, considering how Shakespeare used it in Macbeth. Shakespeare term papers can discuss an almost inexhaustible variety of topics. These categories above mention only a few possibilities.