Thesis Term Paper

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Thesis Term PaperThe phrase “thesis term paper” can signify two different things, and students who have to write thesis term papers should carefully determine which meaning fits their assignments. First, the phrase can mean a term paper that makes a thesis statement and argues it persuasively; this usage is a shortened form of the phrase “thesis-driven term paper.” Second, “thesis term paper” can mean a term paper that one writes in preparation for a thesis; one may write such a term paper at any point during the academic coursework, but it will probably be more useful as one approaches the end of his or her graduate studies.

Students who are writing thesis term papers that argue a point should develop a strong topic, research it thoroughly, and come to conclusions based on the evidence found in the research. Students should formulate those conclusions into a thesis statement, which should include each point that a term paper will make. Then, students should craft their thesis term papers with an eye for the wording and sequence of the thesis statement; ideally, the thesis statement should perfectly summarize what the term paper says, and the term paper should perfectly explicate only what the thesis statement says. The thesis statement should not contain material that the term paper addresses, nor should the term paper contain material that the thesis statement does not mention.

A thesis term paper that one writes in preparation for a thesis project should closely reflect one’s interests and goals as they relate to his or her degree program. Theses are long, intense projects that are most easily sustainable if the student is passionate about the topic. By extension, thesis term papers should discuss topics that are interesting to their writers, because the writers hope to develop those ideas into the much lengthier work of a thesis project. Students who are writing thesis term papers should take the opportunity to conduct exhaustive research, because later it will advance their actual thesis research.

Term Paper Thesis Idea

A term paper thesis is the main idea of a term paper. One writes a term paper thesis in the form of a single sentence that may use several clauses, adjectival phrases, and adverbial phrases to express the paper’s complete idea. Because instructors usually limit the length of students’ term papers to less than thirty pages, the student should be able to condense his or her argument into one sentence; the student who cannot condense the argument into one sentence should realize immediately that the idea might be too large to handle adequately in one term paper.

Students who are writing argumentative term papers (that is, papers that express an opinion about a given topic) should write term paper theses that incorporate the entirety of their argument. The student should avoid writing blasé term paper thesis statements that begin with clauses such as, “In this paper, I will discuss…” Instead, the student should write an introductory paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention and briefly acquaints the reader with the subject; then, in the last sentence of the first paragraph, the student should state his or her opinion on the subject and state why this opinion is valid. The student should provide at least three reasons that the opinion is valid.

Students who organize their term paper theses in this way will maneuver through their arguments very easily. As they write their papers, they will be able to refer back to their thesis statements whenever they begin to lose track of their thoughts. The student should invest a great deal of thought in the term paper thesis statement, because it will ease the writing process later by guiding the student through the intended argument. On the other hand, if the student does not take time to develop a workable thesis statement, his or her paper will not resolve into a coherent whole.